A Little Fun on BrickLink Forums

So I had an interesting idea last night. I thought I'd conduct an experiment in 'the wisdom of crowds' on the BrickLink forums.

I asked a relatively simple question, "What BrickLink store is the best source for minifigure parts and accessories?" As I said in my post (which you can see here) I'm not looking for the custom houses that have stores on BL. I'm looking for the guys and gals who sell the official TLG stuff and have the most variety, most quantities, good prices, and great customer service.

What I didn't tell 'em is I'll reveal which stores came up most often here on the blog. Now keep in mind, this whole thing may fall flat on its face, but I'm hoping we'll get some good stuff.

Sadly I won't be nominating my store, but perhaps someday I can aspire to more.

If you are a registered BrickLink member head on over and put in your vote.

(Via BrickLink forums)


  1. Interesting experiment. I won't nominate mine, though, since I don't intentionally specialize in minifigures. I do tend to sell off most of my minifigures these days, though, particularly of the fleshie variety - I wouldn't be surprised if someone else mentioned me there because of that.

  2. Dan,

    Could you let us know which store is yours? Even if you aren't in minifigs normally, there may be others who would like to check out what you have.

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Sure: http://www.bricklink.com/store.asp?p=316danny