Just Think of It as a Tip Jar

So the funding experiments continue. A couple of months ago I introduced Google Ad Sense to the page as a way to raise funds for future endeavors like product reviews, contests, and the like. Although it works just fine, I've gone on the site only to find a sale for womens shoes or Google Analytics or some other non-relevant item.

I thought we might try a 'donate' button as an alternative. Think of it like a tip jar. If you want to show your appreciation for one of our articles, or if some our content was helpful in some way, feel free to donate to 'The Duck'. Any amount is perfectly fine. Want to drop in a quarter? Feel free. A dollar? Fantastic! I will make every effort to put donated money back into improving the site and bringing you better and better content.

The button operates via the PayPal service and funds can be provided via a PayPal account or credit card.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming...

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