Future License Poll on LEGO Kids Inner Circle

LEGO Kids Inner Circle occasionally sends me invites to take surveys and polls. Today they asked if I wanted to take a poll to help decide what new LEGO licenses I might like to see in the future. You had the option to check five items from a predefined list.

Once I selected my items they instantly showed the results. Now first off, I normally don't share items in the surveys they send me. Given that this was on their main portal and you saw the results immediately, I figured the harm in doing so would be minimal. Second, I could have been respondent number five, or fifty, or five hundred and fifty five, so take these percentages with a grain of salt.

Start by taking a look at the options. A collection of WB, Disney, Marvel, and DC themes. Ghostbusters was an interesting option, as were Aliens and Avatar. I also noted that many of these themes appeared on the now defunct "Fantasy LEGO League" (Scooby-Doo, Tron, X-Men, Lord of The Rings, Star Trek, etc.) Coincidence?

I don't know if you'll be able to read the poll results here, but look which theme was in the lead so far at 49%. Here's hoping TLG can make that happen!

(Via LEGO Kids Inner Circle Website)

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