Don't Blink - TRU.com Sells Out in One Hour

Toys N Bricks reported earlier tonight that ToysRUs.com had the Series 2 Collectible Minifigures up for sale in the US ($1.99 and no limits). An hour later and they were gone. If this isn't a testament as to how difficult it will be to get these figures, I don't know what is.

Your best bets? You can sign up for an e-mail alert at TRU.com if the Series 2 figures go on sale again. It may be that TRU will pulse these out over time. Your only other alternative is to call your local, bricks-and-mortar Toys R Us each day to check on availability. We also don't know what Shop at Home or LEGO Stores have planned, but they will likely have caps on how many you can get per order/trip. Aside from that, there's always BrickLink.

Perhaps if resellers were the ones to buy up all the figures, we might see an influx of supply on BrickLink bringing overall prices down.


  1. I work for a Lego retail store and I can tell you we have no special release plan for the Series 2 minifigs. They arrived yesterday in our standard shipment and we sell them with a limit of 5 per family per day. We do not ship them from the store.

  2. TRU.com was not sold out in an hour. I saw them still available 4 hours after the link was shared by a member of brickset.com.

  3. How come some Lego stores were doing 5 per person per day and others were doing 16 per person? Is it dependant on location or quanity?