Decoding Messages from BrickFair

So Joe Meno is at BrickFair right now and posting updates on Facebook. Last night was the Q&A with Steve Witt of The LEGO Group.

Given that these were brief updates without a lot of details, I'm listing these are 'rumors' for now. I'm certain after this weekend more details will be available. Here's a listing of the posts relevant to minifigures...

Both Castle and City Advent calendars will be available in the US. In the past only the City themed calendars were available in the US forcing fans to pay high prices in the secondary market for the Castle theme.

Possible reissue of Classic Space theme. I'm uncertain if this would be a Neo-Classic Space theme or very true to the sets from the 80's. Here's hoping for lots of minfig goodness.

Minifigure elements will be unique to the minifigs only. This one left me scratching my head as The Skater's and Cheerleader's hair pieces are scheduled to appear on LEGO Harry Potter figures. I'm guessing we're talking pom-poms, laser guns, spartan helmets, and the like.

LEGO Pirates of The Caribbean is confirmed for next year. So although the Captain Jack Sparrow that snuck into Comic Con was a prototype, we should see these around a summer release with the new movie.

I'm not anticipating more announcements, as the convention is winding down tomorrow.

(Via Joe Meno's Facebook page)

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