The Chess Set Strikes Back

So last year around this time, we were all in awe of a LEGO Star Wars chess set designed by Branden Griffith (AKA icgetaway) using New Hope as the greater theme. I actually posted an article about it back in April. I believe it debuted at last year's LEGOLAND Star Wars Days in California.

Star Wars Days just came and went this past weekend and Mariann Asanuma has pics of his latest set based on The Empire Strikes Back!

Similar to his last endeavor the set utilizes minifigures, micro creations, mini-vignettes, and even a brick-built, holographic head of Emperor Palpatine in the creation of the chess pieces. The big design element that just jumped out at me were the micro AT-AT's serving at rooks. Branden's Flickr stream doesn't have any more detailed pics...yet. Perhaps now that Star Wars Days are over we'll see them soon.

That's two years in a row now for Branden. Here's hoping a Return of the Jedi theme is on tap for next year.

Check out the rest of Mariann's coverage of the event (where she had items on display herself) on her Model Building Secrets Blog.

(Via Model Gal's Flickr stream)

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