BrickFair 2010 Preview

So in just a couple of days BrickFair 2010 will be open for business. Commence au festival! Taking place at the Dulles Expo Center in Washington DC August 5th - 8th for registered AFOLs and two days of public viewing of Saturday and Sunday. You can find out more at the BrickFair website.

What's nice about this festival is that if you show up with your registration fee in hand you'll be able to participate, you just won't get all the goodies the non-procrastinators get.

There's a fair amount at this festival for the fan of the 'fig with both BrickArms and BrickForge on hand.

BrickArms is providing weapons packs for contributors of the Apoc display. Badger has also created a new Black Lodge Customs minifig adorned with several BA protoypes. He's been teasing us with a partial pack shot on Flickr. My guess? It's a Major Kusanagi custom from Ghost In The Machine. BrickArms figured out how to develop optical camouflage for minifigs...Will and Badger will also have a new mystery mold on display for all. No actual product from the mold, just the mold itself.

BrickForge will also be on hand with some custom goodness. The BrickForge website was updated today to say that registered attendees will be getting samples of their new items in off-production colors.

Steve Witt from TLG will also be holding a Q&A this weekend. I expect a lot of questions regarding the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean line, and I wouldn't be surprised if Series 2 Collectible Minifigs don't go home in some goodie bags.

I'll keeping an eye on the interwebs all weekend long to report on any news from the front lines.

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