Black Lodge Customs: Neo-Tokyo Street Punk

BrickArms Black Lodge Customs Neo-Tokyo Street Punk BrickFair 2010Badger continues to live up to his moniker (the 'enigma' part that is) with the second teaser for Black Lodge Customs. The mystery custom is titled 'Neo-Tokyo Street Punk'. Although many manga and anime are set in some form of Neo-Tokyo, I'm now suspecting that Major Kusanagi it ain't.

Badger reveals that the figure will be decked out in the following items: Hair, Helmet, Black Visor, Gunmetal Apoc SMG, Gunmetal Combat PDW, Gunmetal Auto-9, Gunmetal Gunblade, Gunmetal Space Magnum, Gunmetal M67 Frag Grenade, Gunmetal M84 Stun Grenade, and Black Minifig Stand PLUS three classified items.

Just a couple more days until the full reveal at BrickFair.Given that BrickCon is just around the corner, and there's a 'Big in Tokyo' theme, me thinks these might make an appearance there as well. Only time will tell...

(Via enigmabadger's Flickr stream)

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