2011 LEGO Star Wars Set and Minifigure Pictures

...now that I have your attention.

I wanted to say, "Yes, I've seen the new pictures circulating on the web of new LEGO Star Wars for 2011". However, I won't be placing them on the site until TLG officially announces them (which I have to believe will be soon).

Why, when I've posted the rumors of new sets already? Well, first there could be legal reasons, as the images in the retailer catalogs are confidential. Second releasing such images too soon could harm TLG as a business and damage relationships with licensing partners like Lucas Entertainment.

Yes, we are all very excited and I'm sure people can't wait to see the new sets. I'm also certain the reason the pictures have surfaced are due in part to the fans' love of both LEGO and Star Wars. Just be patient Padawan, and resist the temptation of the Dark Side...


  1. I dought it would cause any harm to TLG or Lucas Film. (TLG is one of the biggest toy makers out there and rakes in huge profits). You could it least post images of the figures, as they where not marked confedential. Any how thats my two cents worth.

  2. @Daniel,

    You are right in that both companies are large and well established; however, to help TLG remain competitive and maintain good relations with license partners, we should wait until the set images are officially released. My guess is we won't have to wait too long...

  3. @Cygnet
    While I guess you have a point, However I still disagree somewhat. But it's your blog and I am not going to tell you how to run it.