Two Ways to Build Your Perfect Lightsaber

It is a right of passage of all Jedi to construct their own unique lightsabers, but have you noticed most LEGO lightsabers look the same. It's also frustrating when you show up to throw down with a Sith Lord and you've got a pesky bubble in your blade. Embarrassing!

Never fear Padawan, there are two new custom retailers ready to help you with these shortcomings. The first is eBay seller custombrickz. They often have these lots of 10 transparent colored bars with no air bubbles! I've not bought from this individual before, but they appear to have a strong feedback rating. If interested, check them out on eBay.

The second retailer has just recently debuted on BrickLink. The store name, The Butchered Brick, may be new, but its proprietor is not. eclipseGrafx has opened his store largely featuring custom lightsaber designs and other assorted accessories.

Between these two, your LEGO Jedi can not only fight with honor but also in style.

(Thanks to Daniel R. for the heads up on "custombrickz". "The Butchered Brick" found via eclipseGrafx's Flickr stream)


  1. Hey its Daniel again, I ordered from custombrickz almost a week ago and still haven't received my order, I think the mail might be a little behind cause of the US postal service holiday on the 4th of July. Anyways it looks pretty good and I hope it gets here soon.

  2. Thanks Daniel. Let us know how they turn out.

    If you get a chance, check out Daniel's blog, The Brick Blog, at http://tbbthebickblog.blogspot.com.