Two from Pedro and AMA News

Pedro is back and doing his best to customize and mod this series of minifigures. The figures are actually a mix of Space Police III, Star Wars, Power Miners, Harry Potter, and Amazing Armory accessories.

First up is this red armored warrior. The helmet is a modified version of part 85944 from Space Police III. The body armor is from Power Miners (part 85961). The shoulder cannon seems like it would be a custom part, but its actually a Star Wars Super Battle Droid arm (part 64796). The head? A Harry Potter death eater mask. Finally the gun is an Amazing Armory M4A1. So how does Pedro achieve that shiny, candy-like exterior? Mr. Color paint, cranberry red pearl.

The second figure utilizes the same SPIII helmet only modified differently to remove the head spikes. The armor is a modified version of Amazing Armory space armor. We've talked about the gun on the soldier's back. The gun in hand is Amazing Armory based on comments, but I can't seem to place the model.

Speaking of comments...Pedro mentions in the comments that he is soon to be the official US reseller of Amazing Armory. I'm not certain what this means for US customers (lower shipping prices, faster delivery), but Pedro's store should be opening soon.

(Via PEDRO-79's Flickr stream)

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