Prometheus Awakening and Sabotage

Last month we were turned onto Bart De Dobbelaer's serialized vignettes for The Life Aquatic with Clumsy Pete. At the time he was just finishing the series after 100 vignettes.

Now it appears he's started his new vignette project set in space, Prometheus. The first two vignettes are featured here. Let's hope the protagonist discovers what's going on before he ends up like his colleagues.

Bart de Dobbelaer Prometheus Awakening"Voice log C18531-1: I woke up inside some kind of tube. Panic engulfed me as I failed to free myself. Suddenly my air supply was cut off and I fell on the floor as the pod opened. I took off my helmet and looked around. I noticed strange machinery and several other pods in the room. What is this place? Where am I? Who am I? I can't remember a thing ..."

Bart de Dobbelaer Prometheus Sabotage"Voice log C18531-2: Besides me there does not seem to be anyone else here. At least not alive. I wonder what happened to them. I found a doorway but the controls did not work. Someone messed around with the cabling. We seem to have locked ourselves in ... but why? More questions ... and I don't have the answers."

(Via Bart de Dobbelaer's Flickr stream)

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