Mirror Toy Story 3 LEGO Promotions (UK)

The big news this morning is that The Daily Mirror will be running a promotion next weekend with LEGO Toy Story 3 in the UK.

Daily Mirror LEGO Toy Story 3 Woody and Buzz Lightyear PromotionA week or so ago pictures of set 30073, Buzz's Spaceship, appeared without any details on where it would surface. We now know that it will be free along with next Sunday's Daily Mirror. On Saturday set 30072, Woody's Campfire, will be up for grabs.

You can find full details on The Mirror's website. Huw on Brickset also discusses how the figures might be redeemed (he's located in the UK).

I don't know if you can buy multiple copies of The Mirror to obtain multiple figures, but it may be an opportunity to load up on toy cowboys or space rangers.

(Via The Mirror and Brickset)


  1. Hi
    just to say how very dissapointing to-day was.I went to toys r us all gone so went to W H smiths also all gone.Went to another Town W H smiths all gone there too! They all said the same thing they did'nt get a whole lot delivered.Yet on ebay they are selling them and they have more than 10 available and sold 13 on my last look!! My Grandsons are very upset as they were looking forward to them.

  2. ^Anon

    I'm sorry to hear you had difficulties. I don't know if it would help, but I would suggest contacting LEGO customer service. They may refer you back to The Mirror, but I've found them quite helpful in other matters in the past.

    Best of luck!

  3. Many thanks for that,much appreciated! Will try that! Thanks again.
    Best wishes
    Grandma Elizabeth

  4. Hi,

    The LEGO Toy Story Army Men are fun too.

    I have a new LEGO® community site:
    Brick Collections

    and would be delighted to have you join. Other members would be interested in your contributions.