Mike Rayhawk Illustrations

Yesterday we talked about BrikWars, the LEGO war gaming/role-playing system. We mentioned one of the founders Mike Rayhawk, but did you know much of the art on the BrikWars site is Mike's too?

Mike actually worked for LEGO in concept design and product development. He was even the lead illustrator for LEGO Knights Kingdom, handling much of the promotional artwork for that line.

His resume shows him currently working at 'an undisclosed game studio'. Now I assume that Mike has interests beyond miniature ABS humanoids, but this could be something to keep an eye on.

I have attached a copy of one of Mike's more famous illustrations for the BrikWars project aptly titled, "BrikWars!" Check out more of his work at the website below.

UPDATE: Me thinks that Mike might be at the San Diego Comic-Con this weekend (see comments for details). Me also thinks that he had a hand in some of the designs for LEGO Universe MMO...


  1. "Undisclosed game studio," sounds like he's just lazy about updating his resume. I don't know if he ever gained interest in anything beyond miniature ABS humanoids, but today's headline at legouniverse.com suggests otherwise:


  2. ^Mike

    Ah, it's all coming together now...