LEGO Collectible Minifigure Updates

We'll it seems to be official, Series 1 of the LEGO Collectible Minifigures is now discontinued. Both Toys N Bricks and Brickset report that TLG states inventories have been exhausted. You may still find pockets of product here and there, but the secondary markets are likely your best bet if you still need a few.

I still have The Magician, Nurse, Dummy, and Diver at my BrickLink store ($2.99 each with all accessories, minifig stand, and flat rate shipping)*.

Reports are surfacing that Series 2 is now starting to trickle out. The two reports I've seen suggest that Legolands Billund and Windsor have put them on sale. Distribution appears to start at Billund and then radiates out from there. This could mean that Series 2 will appear on US shores next month!

More to come...

(Via Toys N Bricks and Brickset)

*See store terms for details.

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