Inside The Customizer's Studio: JasBrick, Part 4

We finish out our interview series with JasBrick today by talking about what his "dream project" would be...

What would you consider to be your "dream project"? What do you feel stands in your way to accomplish this?

"Dream Project? Difficult one. I suppose one thing that has been rolling around in my mind is the possibility of creating a combined project/collaborative build that is based on the Judge Dredd story from 2000AD. The idea would be to create a Block War diorama that incorporated custom figs (Judges, Gangs, Mutants, Robots etc.) in a suitable Mega City One environment. The idea is too huge for a non-builder like myself to contemplate alone... however I would love to do it."

If you were to partner with another 'brick-builder' who would want to collaborate on this project with?

"I suppose I can cheat and say that I would probably want at least two collaborators... firstly I have to say that if anyone could pull off a good representation of a Mega City One cityscape it would have to be Pepa Quin. I don't know him personally, but anyone who has seen his recent Futurama city would understand what I mean. Secondly I would need the project to be fun and I can think of no better collaborator than my mucker Aaron Dayman. I love his building style (very Warhammer'esque in places) and who better to share a few beers and laughs with."

I don't know if Aaron or Pepa read the blog, but if you are looking to take Jas up on his offer, just let me know.

This closes out our interview series with Jas. I want to say a big thanks to him for taking the time to talk. This process took a few weeks and Jas was fantastic the entire time. I hope the readers enjoyed the results as much as I have, and I hope to bring more of these types of interactions to you in the future.

Until next time...

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