Hardsuits, Hardsuits Everywhere

Becheman's Starcraft marine instructionsA few posts ago we mention Becheman's Warhammer 40k hardsuit designs. He's back this time with instructions for his Starcraft marines. I can't begin to state my appreciation for those who are willing to share their knowledge to help the community grow. If you, yes 'you' citizen, know of any other great repositories of customization knowledge (books, websites, forums, etc.) please let us know.

While we are on the topic of hardsuits, I have one more to share. Take a look at this Blood Skull Power Suit from Titolian. Great use of the BrickArms chain gun and some subtle greebley accents. I couldn't help but think one of the Backyard Blasters helmets from World Racers would be a nice tweak. The decaled helmets from that line are a great add to a customizers arsenal. If only someone else were to experiment with decals on helmet designs...hmmm...but that's another story.

(Via Becheman and Titolian's Flickr streams)

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  1. The " Blood Skull Power Suit " is awesome!!!! One thing, little arms.