Descent Into Madness

So Jordan (AKA Sir Nadroj) is working on a scene from the novel "Silence of The Lambs". As a teaser, he's posted this pic of Dr. Lecter dressed in evening wear.

Claiming to work in the purist style, he's utilized a Power Miners visor for the bite guard and a 1x2 tile held in place with white elastic bands. Very nice. Then Sithassassin offered up a bit of advice...

Take a look at this creation by yoshix. Wow! Granted the vignette adds to the atmosphere, but the use of the minifigure arms as an extension of the straight jacket and the crouched pose just makes this.

I've not been aware of yoshix until now. Seems I'll have to be keeping an eye out for him in the future.

(Via Sir Nadroj and yoshix's Flickr streams)

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