Deadliest LEGO Warrior Contest

Deadliest LEGO Warrior Contest LogoAtin has announced a new LEGO minifigure contest based on the show Deadliest Warrior. The details are as follows:

"The contest will start on August 1st and end on September 1st. The main idea is to mash two factions together just like in the TV Show. Unlike the TV show you don't have to use real life factions, you can let your imagination run wild here. I would suggest choosing something unexpected, seriously we have all seen (insert faction here) Vs. Nazi zombie...

There will be two categories for this contest, Small Vignette and Large Diorama.

For the small category you have to make a vignette that is under 12 x 12 studs and must contain two custom minifigs of your design and of different factions. For this section you will be judged mostly on the minifigs so make them good.

For the large category you have to make a diorama that is larger than 12 x 12 studs and must contain at least 6 minifigs, 3 per faction. For thes category you will be mostly judged on the design of the diorama, not the minifigs."

So a little something for everyone. You can find more details on the rules here, but let's get the the 'good' part...the prizes! There will be a winner and runner-up for each category, plus a 'super secret' prize to be awarded at the end of the contest. Badger (as in 'the enigma that is') has offered up BrickArms swag to the winners.

You've got a month citizens. Let's see what you can do...

(Via LEGO Contest Network)

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