Custom Spotlight on Tiny Tactical

The other day I came across some pics from Tiny Tactical, a custom house I was aware of but not familiar with. My initial reaction was that the product seemed very similar to other offerings out there, until I realized how much modular design is used with sights, stocks, etc.

I was able to reach out to Steve who gave me the low down on the TT mission:

Tiny Tactical KSV G18 Firing Range"Tiny Tactical really started in late 2009. After a 20 year lapse of building LEGO, I found myself building again with my nephews. I had been interested in military toys, both modern and WWII - it must have started with my collection of GI Joe back in the 80s. After a quick look I found there wasn’t much out there in the way of modern military accessories and the SMG I really wanted was discontinued. I came to the realization the only way to get it would be to make the parts myself. My first go at making a master pattern was the SMG-A1. I posted a couple of pics on flicker in late Dec 09, it didn’t take long before others were interested. This is when I really decided to make the SMGs available to others, it basically has snowballed from there.

Tiny Tactical Modular DesignWhile we never intended to directly compete with other makers of custom accessories, we wanted to make things that either were not available or where we could bring a different take on the design / level of detail. The concept of modular or customizable parts started with my basic motto of 'you can’t leave well enough alone' and it probably didn’t hurt that I had worked for a company over 15 years earlier making investment cast detail parts for model trains. I think by offering option parts it lets you custom build your ultimate gun, kinda like pimp my gun lets you digitally.

I would really like to thank all those that have supported us and look forward to offering many new products in the near future."

Fantastic! Looking forward from more from Steve and company. If you like what you see here, feel free to visit the Tiny Tactical store on, you guessed it, BrickLink.

(Pictures via Tiny Tactical Flickr stream)

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