Cap'n Jack Sparrow Minifig at Comic Con

LEGO Pirates of The Caribbean Captain Jack SparrowAce at FBTB.net posted this pic from the LEGO booth at San Diego Comic Con.

Cap'n Jack Sparrow was hiding in a Prince of Persia display, riding a camel.

This has a ring of truth to it as the Pirates of the Caribbean 4 teaser trailer premiered at the Comic Con panel of Tron Legacy.

I might have preferred to see a couple of official LEGO light cycles instead, but this is a close second.

(Via FBTB.net)


  1. If you look at the pics though, it seems to be inside a case of Prince of Persia items. I wouldn't think TLG would allow someone to drop a fake in one of their displays...but I could be wrong.

  2. only the headpeice looks fake

  3. Update: Steve Witt of TLG confirmed the Pirates line at BrickFair 2010 this past weekend. It's official! Expected to launch around the time of Pirates 4 in Summer 2011.