BrikWars: Intersection of War Gaming and LEGO

To some, the "Dread Pirate 2x2" is not a new sight. To others, it will be the start of something quite wonderful.

This icon is the unofficial logo of BrikWars, a game system designed by Mike Rayhawk to interact with LEGO environments and minifigures. To say that this is a serious venture would be accurate...seriously entertaining. I haven't read all of the rules, but the few pages I read were hilarious.

The minifig features prominently in the game acting as your in-game persona, much in the same way a gaming miniature would.

The BrikWars website sums it up best...

"BrikWars is a marvelous Pandora's box, an endless fount of destruction and mayhem, where every coincidence falls in favor of maximum violence, where life is cheap, plastic, boxy, and bears only the most superficial resemblance to our world of flesh and mortgages. Time is marked from moment to moment by oscillating peaks of melodrama and troughs of sheer ridiculousness. Rules of continuity and physics are as malleable as any of us in the 'real' world have learned to expect from a lifetime of superhero comics, schlocky action movies, and public education -- and they're always trumped by the dramatic requirements of the moment and the most liberal application of Murphy's Law. Even the rules governing BrikWars itself are unresistingly overturned by a haphazard shrugging of shoulders and the players' mutual whim."

If you're like me, you've likely spent an evening around a kitchen table with a few friends to inhabit fictional worlds and sling a D20. I would have never been confused for a "rules lawyer", and typically tried to find ways to mess with my pals. Sounds like BrikWars would have been right up my alley.

(Via BrickWars.com)

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