BrickArms Has Some Secret Sauce for BrickFair

OK, maybe that title was a little weird...Badger (as in 'the enigma that is') is taunting us over on Flickr with two BrickFair mystery shots.

Black Lodge Mystery
The first shot is a partial pack shot of a Black Lodge Customs exclusive. Badger states the figure will include several BrickArms' prototypes, it will be priced at $25, and it will only be available to registered attendees of BrickFair. The shot seems to show a city-scape, but there no way to tell if its past, present, or future. Badger promises more clues leading up to the convention next weekend.

Black Lodge Customs is a moniker Badger has used to release exclusive figures and accessories at conventions. There have been four to date; Cyborg Infiltrator, Resistance Trooper, Shock Trooper, and Rocket Commando. All have featured unique and prototype custom accessories.

The second mystery shot is of the back of a new mold that will be display at the convention. The mold features half of a new prototype mold. It sounds like Will Chapman has a new toy and isn't afraid to use it (really, why do I write these things?!).

BrickFair will be held this year at Dulles Expo Center from August 5th through 8th. Visit their website for more details.

(Via enigmabadger's Flickr stream)

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