Brick Comic: Tranquility Base

I was looking at a detailed space factory MOC by legoloverman and it had a note asking, "Do you want to know more?" When I clicked through it took me to episode #213 of Tranquility Base, a brick comic I had heard of, but never explored.

As you can see from the strip, Peter's MOC was featured as a 'blip' production line. This isn't the first time that Pete's creations have been used in brick media.

So what's the strip about? The answer (in their own words):

"Tranquility Base is the result of adding Classic Space, Futuron and one or two other bits of LEGO together to create a spaceport in which weird stuff can happen.

It is what would happen if we Brits had won the space race (I know, we weren't in "The" space race) -- it's an organisation that employs some eccentrics with brilliant minds but not necessarily any common sense, far too few highly efficient but under-paid workers who actually keep the place running, and all overseen by a bloated administrative layer that couldn't organise a... uh... bonfire in an explosives factory."

I've perused a few episodes and they really made me chuckle. I think I'll be keeping an eye on Tranquility Base in the near (yet distant) future.

(Via Tranquility Base website)

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