Balakov Update: Books and Lists

Mike Stimpson Balakov ListMike Stimpson (AKA Balakov), is back with some minifigure photography news.

First up, Mike has added this picture to his Flickr page titled 'List'. It seems that he has signed on to do a scavenger hunt where he will recreate these 20 items in LEGO. Now diet being marked off the list here either indicates he's completed this item or that he hates diets. Either way, I'm looking forward to a month of 20 new Balakov photos!

Over on Facebook, the Mike Stimpson Photography page has a link to Blurb where he's selling a photo book of his LEGO stormtrooper photography. The book is titled,"Stormtroopers, We Love You " and I would recommend purchasing it soon. TLG has a habit of shutting that stuff down when they catch wind of it.

(Via Balakov's Flickr stream and Blurb)

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