Albino Boba Watch 2010

Sound the klaxons of alert Minifig Nation. Brickset is reporting that the White Boba Fett promotional minifigures may be on the horizon, roaming the plains like Cane in "Kung-Fu" (sorry my morning coffee is kicking in).

In the past TLG had promised world-wide distribution of around 20,000 units before the end of the year. A few figures have trickled out during the Summer AFOL convention season, but no news regarding broader retail distribution.

My prediction is that either Toys R Us and/or LEGO Shop at Home will release these in conjunction with the Summer Star Wars sets in the US.

The marketing juggernaut is already warming up for the Summer release. There have been reports of TRU websites and LEGO.com microsites being updated. I also received a "free" issue of Brickmaster in the mail yesterday with a LEGO Star Wars comic featuring Cad Bane and the Clone Turbo Tank.

Be vigilant citizens. There be albino bounty hunters on the loose.

(Via Brickset and Jedi News)

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