Deadliest LEGO Warrior Contest

Deadliest LEGO Warrior Contest LogoAtin has announced a new LEGO minifigure contest based on the show Deadliest Warrior. The details are as follows:

"The contest will start on August 1st and end on September 1st. The main idea is to mash two factions together just like in the TV Show. Unlike the TV show you don't have to use real life factions, you can let your imagination run wild here. I would suggest choosing something unexpected, seriously we have all seen (insert faction here) Vs. Nazi zombie...

There will be two categories for this contest, Small Vignette and Large Diorama.

For the small category you have to make a vignette that is under 12 x 12 studs and must contain two custom minifigs of your design and of different factions. For this section you will be judged mostly on the minifigs so make them good.

For the large category you have to make a diorama that is larger than 12 x 12 studs and must contain at least 6 minifigs, 3 per faction. For thes category you will be mostly judged on the design of the diorama, not the minifigs."

So a little something for everyone. You can find more details on the rules here, but let's get the the 'good' part...the prizes! There will be a winner and runner-up for each category, plus a 'super secret' prize to be awarded at the end of the contest. Badger (as in 'the enigma that is') has offered up BrickArms swag to the winners.

You've got a month citizens. Let's see what you can do...

(Via LEGO Contest Network)

Alien Army Building Opportunity - TRU US

From Bricks to Bothans is reporting set 30070, Alien Spaceship Polybag, appearing at Toys R Us in the US. As you can see from the pic below, it retails at $3.99.

A great 'army building' opportunity and a a price point lower than what you can get on BrickLink right now. Call your local TRU and find out more.

Pop on over to FBTB.net to also see the Star Wars Celebration V exclusive Bounty Hunter Cube Dudes set. Nice!

Toy Story set 30070 Alient Spaceship Polybag(Via FBTB.net)

Impromptu Decal Tutorial - Tac and JasBrick

Tac Decal TestsWe'll if you have figured it out, the decal experiments I was referring to are these pics from Tac. Utilizing a variety of helmets and armor from Space Police III, Power Miners, and BrickForge. TLG is obviously taking notice with the World Racers helmets. Helmets from Space Police and Power Miners just beg for this type of treatment. But wait, there's more!

If you read through the comment thread JasBrick steps up to the plate and give an impromptu tutorial on decal application. For your consideration:

Hardsuits, Hardsuits Everywhere

Becheman's Starcraft marine instructionsA few posts ago we mention Becheman's Warhammer 40k hardsuit designs. He's back this time with instructions for his Starcraft marines. I can't begin to state my appreciation for those who are willing to share their knowledge to help the community grow. If you, yes 'you' citizen, know of any other great repositories of customization knowledge (books, websites, forums, etc.) please let us know.

While we are on the topic of hardsuits, I have one more to share. Take a look at this Blood Skull Power Suit from Titolian. Great use of the BrickArms chain gun and some subtle greebley accents. I couldn't help but think one of the Backyard Blasters helmets from World Racers would be a nice tweak. The decaled helmets from that line are a great add to a customizers arsenal. If only someone else were to experiment with decals on helmet designs...hmmm...but that's another story.

(Via Becheman and Titolian's Flickr streams)


Descent Into Madness

So Jordan (AKA Sir Nadroj) is working on a scene from the novel "Silence of The Lambs". As a teaser, he's posted this pic of Dr. Lecter dressed in evening wear.

Claiming to work in the purist style, he's utilized a Power Miners visor for the bite guard and a 1x2 tile held in place with white elastic bands. Very nice. Then Sithassassin offered up a bit of advice...

Take a look at this creation by yoshix. Wow! Granted the vignette adds to the atmosphere, but the use of the minifigure arms as an extension of the straight jacket and the crouched pose just makes this.

I've not been aware of yoshix until now. Seems I'll have to be keeping an eye out for him in the future.

(Via Sir Nadroj and yoshix's Flickr streams)

BCN's Minifig-Mobile Contest

Brick Comic Network Collectible Minifigure Series 2 ContestThe Brick Comic Network is having a contest where you can win Series 2 Collectible Minifigures. The concept is that you design and build a vehicle for an individual character from Series 2. You do not have to have the minifigure to enter. There are 16 categories, one for each fig, and you have until September 16th to enter. The prize is the Series 2 figure you built the vehicle for.

There are a lot more details at BCN, so check it out when you get a chance. This likely to be the first of many similar contests, but any chance to get a lock on a Collectible Minifigure is a good one.

(Via The Brick Comic Network)

Inside The Customizer's Studio: JasBrick Collected

JasBrick's Brickviet ShocktrooperNow that our interview series with JasBrick has concluded, I'm collecting each part into a single source for easy viewing.

I'm also creating a more permanent place for interviews, guides, and product reviews in their own pages shown at the top of the blog.

Again, big thanks to Jas for taking the time. I hope everyone enjoyed the series as much as I did.

JasBrick Interviews


Let's Put a Smile on That Face - United Armory Now Open

Citizens of Minifig Nation, I'm happy to announce that United Armory, the official US reseller of Amazing Armory goods, is now open. Pedro has some great stuff in stock like the AMA Iron Man armor and other accessories based on Gears of War and Killzone. Don't see one of your favorite AMA designs? Don't worry this is only part of his initial inventory.

Having an official reseller for AMA means that US customers can get all of these great designs sooner and at less cost due to better shipping terms. In fact Pedro is running a store opening special where shipping for US customers is free for the first two months! Canadian customers can benefit from United Armory too, but shipping costs apply. There is a $30 (USD) minimum order, but with all this great stuff, you won't find any trouble in spending that amount.

One additional item you can look forward to is this printed Joker head in the style of The Dark Knight. It's not available yet, but Pedro promises it will be up soon.

(Picture via PEDRO-79's Flickr stream)

Custom Spotlight on Tiny Tactical

The other day I came across some pics from Tiny Tactical, a custom house I was aware of but not familiar with. My initial reaction was that the product seemed very similar to other offerings out there, until I realized how much modular design is used with sights, stocks, etc.

I was able to reach out to Steve who gave me the low down on the TT mission:

Tiny Tactical KSV G18 Firing Range"Tiny Tactical really started in late 2009. After a 20 year lapse of building LEGO, I found myself building again with my nephews. I had been interested in military toys, both modern and WWII - it must have started with my collection of GI Joe back in the 80s. After a quick look I found there wasn’t much out there in the way of modern military accessories and the SMG I really wanted was discontinued. I came to the realization the only way to get it would be to make the parts myself. My first go at making a master pattern was the SMG-A1. I posted a couple of pics on flicker in late Dec 09, it didn’t take long before others were interested. This is when I really decided to make the SMGs available to others, it basically has snowballed from there.

Tiny Tactical Modular DesignWhile we never intended to directly compete with other makers of custom accessories, we wanted to make things that either were not available or where we could bring a different take on the design / level of detail. The concept of modular or customizable parts started with my basic motto of 'you can’t leave well enough alone' and it probably didn’t hurt that I had worked for a company over 15 years earlier making investment cast detail parts for model trains. I think by offering option parts it lets you custom build your ultimate gun, kinda like pimp my gun lets you digitally.

I would really like to thank all those that have supported us and look forward to offering many new products in the near future."

Fantastic! Looking forward from more from Steve and company. If you like what you see here, feel free to visit the Tiny Tactical store on, you guessed it, BrickLink.

(Pictures via Tiny Tactical Flickr stream)

Inside The Customizer's Studio: JasBrick, Part 4

We finish out our interview series with JasBrick today by talking about what his "dream project" would be...

What would you consider to be your "dream project"? What do you feel stands in your way to accomplish this?

"Dream Project? Difficult one. I suppose one thing that has been rolling around in my mind is the possibility of creating a combined project/collaborative build that is based on the Judge Dredd story from 2000AD. The idea would be to create a Block War diorama that incorporated custom figs (Judges, Gangs, Mutants, Robots etc.) in a suitable Mega City One environment. The idea is too huge for a non-builder like myself to contemplate alone... however I would love to do it."

If you were to partner with another 'brick-builder' who would want to collaborate on this project with?

"I suppose I can cheat and say that I would probably want at least two collaborators... firstly I have to say that if anyone could pull off a good representation of a Mega City One cityscape it would have to be Pepa Quin. I don't know him personally, but anyone who has seen his recent Futurama city would understand what I mean. Secondly I would need the project to be fun and I can think of no better collaborator than my mucker Aaron Dayman. I love his building style (very Warhammer'esque in places) and who better to share a few beers and laughs with."

I don't know if Aaron or Pepa read the blog, but if you are looking to take Jas up on his offer, just let me know.

This closes out our interview series with Jas. I want to say a big thanks to him for taking the time to talk. This process took a few weeks and Jas was fantastic the entire time. I hope the readers enjoyed the results as much as I have, and I hope to bring more of these types of interactions to you in the future.

Until next time...

Minister of Information
Ugly Duck Command Center
Minifig Nation

MinifigMaker Gets a Jump on Clone Wars Season 3

Following the San Diego Comic Con this past weekend previews of Clone Wars Season 3 started appearing showcasing new characters and story lines. You can see the video preview and stills on StarWars.com.

It would also seem that MinifigMaker is getting a jump on the new character designs. This unnamed clone commander has some great markings that set him apart from the other troops. MinifigMaker has really captured the likeness here.

In other MinifigMaker news, JasBrick picked up one of his other figures and couldn't stop raving about it on Flickr. Check out here.

(Picture via MinifigMaker's Flickr stream)


Pilot Pens Ink Minifigs to Make Point

Grey Advertising in Barcelona is using minifigures to market the Pilot Extra-Fine line of pens. How are they doing this? Well to prove their extra-fine point they have six minfig models with some serious ink.

Check out all six designs (including an interesting "tramp stamp") here.

(Via Flavorwire)

Inside the Customizer's Studio: JasBrick, Part 3

Our conversation with JasBrick continues today with our focus shifting toward developing technique, Jas' blog "Mad Figs" and the UK convention circuit.

You have a blog called "JasBrick's Mad Figs" where you've talked about the techniques you've used on some of your figures. What's the role that "Mad Figs" plays in your journey? What are your hopes for the blog?

"My approach has always been to share what I do, so when people ask me how I do something I will try my best to explain should they want to recreate it. I have never been bothered by credit or worrying about people stealing my techniques... due to the fact that as I mentioned above the inspiration is shared anyway.

Whilst I believe there is no shortage of inspiration out there I do think that sometimes people get a little carried away and the end result suffers.

One of the big reasons behind the purism/customization divide is the fact that there are so many customs out there that have been done using tools and methods that anyone other than the creator would find the result unappealing. It is not the only reason of course but it does not help. For some within the community LEGO is one of many interests, such as gaming or comics for instance and particularly with the younger members it is very common for them to blur the edges of these various interests by 'customizing' their LEGO minifigs to represent their favourite character. This enthusiasm to create is admirable, however without any real understanding of how to achieve a desired effect professionally their masterpiece (and to them it will be) will not stand the test of scrutiny from more jaded AFOL's and Purists.

Mad Figs was meant to deal with the fact that I get so many individual requests for help or advice that I wanted to focus this into one area and give as good as explanation as possible that would satisfy everyone. I have not been updating it as often as I would have liked, however the plan is to accelerate the creation of content for this and really try and become a useful resource for customizers."

You've mentioned challenges with conventions in the UK accepting minifig customizers. Why do you believe its difficult for customizers to share the convention table with brick builders? What actions do you think convention organizers can take to improve this situation?

"The UK AFOL scene is quite small by comparison to the US, mainly due to the fact that our population is quite small and in reality being an adult that 'plays with LEGO' is not high on the list of how to be cool. That being said we have a quite active organization that consolidates the most active AFOLs called the Brickish Association. This organization is pretty much dominated by a purist mentality and is understandably reticent about anything that deviates from their core objective which is to further the hobby within the UK. The Brickish Association have good links with the LEGO company in the UK, and its main event Steam has a Lego strapline which I believe is unusual as it indicates authorization and support from LEGO itself. This is where the problem came for me when I asked to exhibit at the last event, my work was deemed to be 'unsafe' with regard to that status as a genuine LEGO event. Do I disagree? Yes. Do I understand their position? Grudgingly, yes. I have a lot of love for the guys at the BA, however it sort of means that I get stuck on the sidelines and leaves me with no avenue to display my work to a wider audience than just Flickr users.

I have received quite a few offers to participate or collaborate in events in the US, however the cost of getting to an event from the UK makes this option aspirational rather than practical. The US events generally appeal to me more due to the fact that the spread of themes and displays are more varied.

To answer your question regarding what event organizers could do to help the situation...well firstly it might help if they actually ask LEGO for their opinion. You have easily approachable guys like Steve Witt that I have found to be more than happy to accept anything that involves LEGO, albeit even with a bit of paint and the odd but of glue here and there. As long as you are not using clone bricks or brands such as Mega Bloks then I think this should be acceptable."

We have one last segment to share tomorrow, where Jas will discuss his "dream project". What ever could it be?! Tune in tomorrow and find out...


I Think Alex Eylar Is My Tyler Durden

Sucker Punch
The more I see of Alex's work and interests it make me think we are "brothers from another mother".

Case in point...I caught a glimpse of Zach Snyder's upcoming film Sucker Punch in Entertainment Weekly. The premise is that a woman is sent to a mental institution by her family and she escapes into a fantasy world to find her way out. Just from the description and accompanying photo, I know this was going to be "awesome sauce" (What is it with me and sauces today?!).

Didn't catch the photo? No worries. Alex captured it for you in LEGO form. I have a feeling this won't be the only MOC inspired by this movie.

I've also attached the trailer below. Enjoy!

BrickArms Has Some Secret Sauce for BrickFair

OK, maybe that title was a little weird...Badger (as in 'the enigma that is') is taunting us over on Flickr with two BrickFair mystery shots.

Black Lodge Mystery
The first shot is a partial pack shot of a Black Lodge Customs exclusive. Badger states the figure will include several BrickArms' prototypes, it will be priced at $25, and it will only be available to registered attendees of BrickFair. The shot seems to show a city-scape, but there no way to tell if its past, present, or future. Badger promises more clues leading up to the convention next weekend.

Black Lodge Customs is a moniker Badger has used to release exclusive figures and accessories at conventions. There have been four to date; Cyborg Infiltrator, Resistance Trooper, Shock Trooper, and Rocket Commando. All have featured unique and prototype custom accessories.

The second mystery shot is of the back of a new mold that will be display at the convention. The mold features half of a new prototype mold. It sounds like Will Chapman has a new toy and isn't afraid to use it (really, why do I write these things?!).

BrickFair will be held this year at Dulles Expo Center from August 5th through 8th. Visit their website for more details.

(Via enigmabadger's Flickr stream)

Inside the Customizer's Studio: JasBrick, Part 2

Welcome back to our interview series with LEGO minifig customizer JasBrick. If you've followed Jas on Flickr you will know that he's recently struggled with finding inspiration lately when it comes to the 'fig. I'm certain we all know when we have reached that plateau in our own endeavors, and how it's difficult to generate momentum once again. It's here where we continue our discussions today...

Recently you've claimed to have difficulty being inspired to create new minifigure designs. What have you found to be your richest source of inspiration?

"During my early days on Flickr I was in the grip of 'Brikvia'itus' where I developed a theme surrounding the original Shocktrooper that generated all sorts of ideas. Each idea developed my repertoire of techniques and expanded my confidence... do I look back on some of those early figs and think I could have done better? Yes, but they were great fun at the time.

The main source of inspiration initially was my war gaming past and interpreting the fluff and visual imagery of games like Warhammer 40k and Warmachine into the minifig universe. I am not a big gamer but the almost cinematic quality and rich concept designs of computer games are also a huge influence on what I do.

However, I do not operate in isolation and the biggest influence of all is the activity of others within communities like Flickr and forums like those associated with 3rd party accessory providers such as BrickArms and BrickForge. The ideas that get generated in these places definitely rub off and I love to see the ingenuity and concepts that arise, which in some cases I can take and modify to incorporate in my own work. Two of my constant sources of inspiration are the work of Will Chapman (BrickArms) and Hazel (Hazel Fantasy), both of whom have created some fantastic pieces that can be used in combination with LEGO. New items from these guys give me new avenues to pursue that generally lead to something."

What's your view of the role of custom houses in the broader LEGO universe? How will custom houses need to evolve to stay relevant and fresh in the future?

"Custom houses are generally driven by the demands of the community, BrickArms is a classic example where the development process relies heavily on the feedback from fans. Will Chapman found a niche that needed to be filled by producing semi-realistic (I mean that in a good way as his accessories are perfectly in tune with the style of Lego and not overly detailed/ realistic) weapons for minifigs. Hazel has similarly addressed the issue of what a minifig can wear to differentiate it from just plain 2D-decals. LEGO themselves seem to have twigged to the strength of this area of the market and the new Collectible figs are including some very nice pieces that previously could only be obtained via custom houses (e.g. Berets, Greek Helmets).

I personally believe that there will be no shortage of source material for custom houses to use as the basis of new pieces, with new films, computer games and trends popping up every day. I have no fear that the current custom houses have a lack of exposure to these sources, and it would seem that more and more people are trying their hand at the custom business.

My only cautionary note is that the creative elements of the current custom houses do not become so wrapped up in business of running a business that they lose touch with the communities that support them and the fun of what they do."

Given your background with war gaming and role playing, do you see real opportunities with custom minifigs in this area? It seems that there are already groups like BrikWars out there. What has been your involvement with these types of communities, if any?

"I regularly check out BrikWars, as a war gaming enthusiast and a LEGO freak this pushes all my buttons. I love the rules for this and it makes for a very entertaining (and lighthearted) few hours of Lego madness. On top of all that the visuals from Mike Rayhawk are absolutely mind blowing so it is a great source of inspiration as well.

Aside from BrikWars there is not much out there, and to be honest BrikWars is all we really need. I have heard rumours of something more involved with regards to wargaming and LEGO, however I have been sworn to secrecy and can say no more."

Recently you painted a series of customized wrestlers after your son saw the film Nacho Libre. Do your kids sometimes play a role in your work? What do they think of your hobby?

"My kids play the biggest part in my hobby... everything has to pass the scrutiny of these avid Lego experts, and if it does not appeal to them then I have done something wrong. They love the fact that I share their hobby with them and that if they see something cool on television, in a movie or in a book that I can create a minifig version for them. My eldest boy was very pleased when I created a minifig version of Ben 10 to go with his Humungousaur. The good thing about kids is that they question everything, for example "Why doesn't LEGO do a Ben 10 fig dad?" For an AFOL it is important to have a link to some rich seams of inspiration that would normally pass an adult by."

I don't know about you, but I'm excited to be sharing all of these brilliant ideas. We continue the discussion tomorrow where we talked to Jas about his blog "Mad Figs" and outreach in general.

(Pictures via Privateer Press, Hazel's Flickr stream, BrikWars, and LEGO.com)


6footFour's Legion of the Dusk

6footFour is back with his Legion of the Dusk. Overall a great mix of custom and official LEGO parts. This really makes me wonder what the future holds for the Kingdoms line. If I had to guess, I would suspect more factions will appear aside from the Lion and Dragon armies. Regardless, the Eagle troops here appear ready for action.

Inside the Customizer's Studio: JasBrick

JasBrick's Make LEGO not War
I don't know if it would help to imagine a minifigure James Lipton, but we are pleased to present our first series of interviews with unique and innovative people in the world of LEGO minifig customization. Our first subject is no stranger this blog, being only one of a handful of people to have a post tag in his name. I'm speaking of JasBrick, a customizer out of the UK who specializes in hand-painted and sculpted designs.

We conducted a correspondence over the past few weeks talking about a wide variety of topics relevant to LEGO minifigures. We will be publishing Jas' thoughts throughout the week. Today we begin by having him tell us the story of his Brickviet soldier, a creation he has adopted as his signature, and where much of his LEGO modding experience began...

JasBrick's Brickviet Shocktrooper"The Brikviet soldier or 'Shocktrooper' as I refer to him is still one of my favourite pieces, it just sums up my style, attitude and philosophy in one angry piece of plastic. The development of the Shocktrooper was very organic... I would love to say that it was all planned and I knew exactly what I was doing, but that was not the case here. It all stems from the fact that my 'Dark Ages' involved quite a substantial amount of wargaming and role-playing where the aesthetic was very dark and aggressive, and when you compare that to the cheerful brightness of lovable little minifigs it does not quite gel too well. Therefore I decided to mix the two aspects of my personality by developing a more militaristic approach to LEGO.

The armour itself is made entirely from LEGO parts, albeit cut/glued/painted, and I toyed with a variety of possible combinations before finally arriving at what I have now. The main consideration was to avoid this turning into something that did not look like LEGO, and I know some may disagree but I really feel that it retains the 'minifig'esque' aesthetic. Prior to this fig I had not thought of painting LEGO and it was only to blend the various components together that I decided to have at it with the brush... did I think it would work?...Not really, this was an experiment. The end result was very pleasing (at least to me) and it seemed from reactions on Flickr and BrickArms that others thought so too.

I have adopted this fig as a sort of mascot/signature as I genuinely believe it was the turning point for me personally to say, "Why have self imposed limits that conflict with my imagination?"

Please visit us again tomorrow when we discuss the topics of inspiration, family, and custom houses.

(Pictures via JasBrick's Flickr stream)


JasBrick's Rocket Man

I promise, JasBrick does not pay me a dollar every time I mention his name (it's more like $0.75)...

Jas has been practicing his modding of the Buzz Lightyear jet pack for some time. Throw in the detailed helmet and he may have hit his stride.

There's a whole squadron of rocket troopers on Jas' photostream.

So Long and Thanks for All the Pics

Balakov has reached the end of the line for his July Scavenger Hunt. Here are the last two pics, enjoy!

Item #20: In the Third Drawer

Mike Stimpson Balakov Scavenger Hunt Drawers"Stormtroopers and helmets, they're like women and shoes. You can never have enough."

Item #21: Curtain

Mike Stimpson Balakov Scavenger Hunt Curtains
I like to think of this as the compliment to "No Peeking".

(Via Balakov's Flickr stream)


Store is Now a Hive of Scum and Villainy

New Boba Fett Minifigure HelmetI don't think I've mentioned this, but my BrickLink store now has the new Boba Fett, Bossk, Han Solo (pre-carbonite), Nadar Vebb, General Grevious, and EV-A4-D up for sale.

They all come with their accessories and flat rate pricing is always in play*.

I also still have a couple of the Series 1 Collectible Minifigures and Star Wars Barris Offee, Kit Fisto, and Captain Jag.

Check it out when you get a chance.

*See 'store terms' tab for details.

LEGO Star Wars Minifigures: Gold and Silver Boba Fett

Now Showing
These gold and silver versions of sw002 are the third and fourth Boba Fett promotional figures to have been released in 2010. The first was the white Boba Fett promo that was handed out to attendees at the 2010 US Toy Fair and other AFOL events through the summer. As the picture below shows, 10,000 white variants have been made. The second was the bronze Boba Fett. There were only two of these variants produced. There are only two of gold and silver Bobas, and they are part of LEGO booth prizes for the 2010 San Diego Comic Con and Star Wars Celebration V. One will be raffled off at each event.

LEGO Star Wars Gold and Silver Boba Fett San Diego Comic Con 2010
Minifigure Parts and Accessories
It's unknown at this time if these figures will come as one solid piece or if they have the ability to be disassembled into their component parts. The last minifig promo to have this treatment was the gold plated C-3PO (sw158) that was released in conjunction with the 30th Anniversary of the original Star Wars film. That figure did come in component parts. Its assumed that the Boba Fett figures are plated in 14k gold and sterling silver, and should come in the same four parts as sw002: head, torso, legs, and helmet/jet pack combo. Unless someone actually removes the figures from the display, we may never know for certain.

Big Draw
The big draw here is bragging rights and rarity. With only two of each in existence these figures could go for high values in the secondary market. LEGO.com listed the bronze Boba Fett figure as having an approximate value of $150 USD.

(Picture via ModelBuildingSecrets blog)

AMA News: United Armory

Well the day has arrived the man known as PEDRO-79 is now the official Amazing Armory reseller in the US. Authorized by Hazel Tam himself, the United Armory store is up on BrickLink but hasn't established inventory yet.

United Armory Certificate Amazing ArmoryThis is exciting news for both Pedro and for US customers. This will likely mean better overall shipping practices for AMA in the US. It may also mean that with Pedro minding the shop in the US, Hazel has more time for design.

(Via PEDRO-79's Flickr stream)


New Pics and Bar Codes at Eurobricks

Eurobricks members Ras74 and Superkalle have some great pics of the actual Series 2 Collectible Minifigures next to their corresponding bar codes.
The bar codes seem to largely match those we've found on bricks.inof.de, with some subtle differences. Between these pics and the pdf cheat sheet, European collectors won't have any difficulty finding the figs they want.

(Via Eurobricks)

BrickArms BrickFair Apoc Packs

It looks like 20 of the contributors to the BrickFair 2010 Apoc Display are in for a treat. Will and co. at BrickArms have put together a nice limited edition weapons pack featuring a Z5E pod weapon prototype and a snap-on viewfinder.

New Amazing Armory Helms and Hatchet

I really hate hit and run posts, but unfortunately this is all I have time for...

I'm really diggin' the future samurai helmet at the top. Go to the AMA BrickLink store for more details.

Cap'n Jack Sparrow Minifig at Comic Con

LEGO Pirates of The Caribbean Captain Jack SparrowAce at FBTB.net posted this pic from the LEGO booth at San Diego Comic Con.

Cap'n Jack Sparrow was hiding in a Prince of Persia display, riding a camel.

This has a ring of truth to it as the Pirates of the Caribbean 4 teaser trailer premiered at the Comic Con panel of Tron Legacy.

I might have preferred to see a couple of official LEGO light cycles instead, but this is a close second.

(Via FBTB.net)


LEGO Warhammer 40K Hardsuits

Check out this digital design for a hardsuit based on designs from Warhammer 40K. Becheman has a wide variety of hardsuit designs on his Flickr stream. What's even better is that he also has some details pics of how they were put together, giving you the option to build for yourself or tweak his designs.

Armothe's Blacktron Warriors Sport Battle Rifles

Armothe of BrickForge has been showing off his design for a Blacktron 3 Domewalker. Although a great design, and a great time to bring back Blacktron by the way, the Battle Rifle held by the soldier caught most people's attention.

Based on the Battle Rifles from the game Halo, this would be a first for BrickForge. I believe there was a similar Battle Rifle design by BrickArms in the 2010 Sci-Fi Battle Packs; however, they are all sold out!

Here's to hoping The Forge will be putting out more of these puppies soon...

Site and Store Updates: 7/22/10

Citizens of Minifig Nation, we have a few updates and announcements for both the site and the store.

First up we've added the bar codes from bricks.inof.de to the LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 2 entries. I'm surprised that Huw and company haven't mentioned this on Brickset. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before their apps have Series 2 functionality.

I've also updated some of the pics associated with the minifigures from set 8128, Cad Bane's Speeder. There was a fantastic review by Inconspicuous on Eurobricks. I've added some of the pics from that review, but if you have time read the whole thing. Its really one of the better set reviews I've seen on Eurobricks.

Expect to see the minifigures from the new LEGO Star Wars Slave I and General Grievous Starfighter at my BrickLink store soon. All figures will come with their relevant accessories and flat rate shipping still holds*. I usually price quite well relative to other stores, so this could be a great opportunity to pick up some figs from the higher priced sets. I also have other Star Wars, Kingdoms, and Collectible Minifigure Series 1 items up for sale.

Minister of Information
Minifig Nation

*See store terms for details


New Silver and Gold Boba Fetts at Comic Con

Joe Meno of BrickJournal has been posting photos from the San Diego Comic Con. Although a little blurry, he shows us this...

LEGO Star Wars White Gold Silver Boba Fetts San Diego Comic ConIt would appear that there is a third and fourth promotional Boba Fett figure in sterling silver and 14k gold. This package is a drawing prize at the LEGO booth.

The best I can tell, the writing shows that there are 10,000 white Boba Fetts, two gold, and maybe three silver variants. We know someone received 1 of 2 bronze Boba Fetts as part of a Shop at Home promotion in May. Makes me wonder where the others might show up?

More to come...

(Via Joe Meno's Facebook page)

Balakov's Back on the Hunt

I don't know if Balakov's July project can really be called a true 'scavenger hunt'. I mean the man is making the items, not finding them!

Just a couple more items on the list to complete, and then we're done...I promise.

Item #18: Hybrid

Mike Stimpson Balakov Hybrid"Many troopers leave the ranks of the Empire to try other things. Some are more successful than others."

Item #19: In My Day

Mike Stimpson Balakov In My Day"When you're stationed on Tatooine with no droids to look for the days and nights aren't much different."

Mike Rayhawk Illustrations

Yesterday we talked about BrikWars, the LEGO war gaming/role-playing system. We mentioned one of the founders Mike Rayhawk, but did you know much of the art on the BrikWars site is Mike's too?

Mike actually worked for LEGO in concept design and product development. He was even the lead illustrator for LEGO Knights Kingdom, handling much of the promotional artwork for that line.

His resume shows him currently working at 'an undisclosed game studio'. Now I assume that Mike has interests beyond miniature ABS humanoids, but this could be something to keep an eye on.

I have attached a copy of one of Mike's more famous illustrations for the BrikWars project aptly titled, "BrikWars!" Check out more of his work at the website below.

UPDATE: Me thinks that Mike might be at the San Diego Comic-Con this weekend (see comments for details). Me also thinks that he had a hand in some of the designs for LEGO Universe MMO...

Quick Hits on LEGO Star Wars Minifigs

Eurobricks member Jammiedodger714 has a nice review of set 8129, AT-AT Walker. We discussed the "new" Han Solo figure in our preview yesterday (in fact the comparison shot came from this review). There a couple of small changes on the General Veers and Pilot Luke minifigures shown that I thought worth mentioning.

The first pic is of the new General Veers in comparison to an Imperial Officer (sw261) that appeared in set 8084, Snowtrooper Battle Pack.

LEGO Star Wars Minifigures General VeersAs you can see, only the face print has changed, and little if nothing else. The next item deals with the pilot's helmet featured on Luke Skywalker.

LEGO Star Wars Luke Skywalker's Pilot HelmetThe new helmet has more detail in the print, as compared to previous versions (part x164px2). A definite improvement, but at the price point of the new AT-AT, difficult to get in multiples. It looks like the rebel pilots will have to make do with last years models for little while longer. Perhaps a bake sale to raise funds?!

(Via Eurobricks)


Operation Bricklord is In Full Effect

Operation BricklordOperation Bricklord: Europe at War, a collaborative WWII display for BrickCon 2010 in Seattle, has officially kicked off. BrickArms is once again the primary sponsor of the event.

Much is still needed from 'brick builders' and 'minifig customizers' alike. There's a website dedicated to organizing the build, as well as a forum thread on BrickArms.

Many historical details and reference pics can be found on the site. There are four factions of troops needed for the build: Wehrmacht, British Commonwealth, US Army, and French Resistance. You must be registered for BrickCon in order to contribute.

I didn't see any mention that contributors would be eligible for goodies from BrickArms, or discounts at their store. If anyone has more details, please let us know!

(Via Operation Bricklord website)

BrikWars: Intersection of War Gaming and LEGO

To some, the "Dread Pirate 2x2" is not a new sight. To others, it will be the start of something quite wonderful.

This icon is the unofficial logo of BrikWars, a game system designed by Mike Rayhawk to interact with LEGO environments and minifigures. To say that this is a serious venture would be accurate...seriously entertaining. I haven't read all of the rules, but the few pages I read were hilarious.

The minifig features prominently in the game acting as your in-game persona, much in the same way a gaming miniature would.

The BrikWars website sums it up best...

"BrikWars is a marvelous Pandora's box, an endless fount of destruction and mayhem, where every coincidence falls in favor of maximum violence, where life is cheap, plastic, boxy, and bears only the most superficial resemblance to our world of flesh and mortgages. Time is marked from moment to moment by oscillating peaks of melodrama and troughs of sheer ridiculousness. Rules of continuity and physics are as malleable as any of us in the 'real' world have learned to expect from a lifetime of superhero comics, schlocky action movies, and public education -- and they're always trumped by the dramatic requirements of the moment and the most liberal application of Murphy's Law. Even the rules governing BrikWars itself are unresistingly overturned by a haphazard shrugging of shoulders and the players' mutual whim."

If you're like me, you've likely spent an evening around a kitchen table with a few friends to inhabit fictional worlds and sling a D20. I would have never been confused for a "rules lawyer", and typically tried to find ways to mess with my pals. Sounds like BrikWars would have been right up my alley.

(Via BrickWars.com)

LEGO Star Wars Minifigures: Senate Commandos

LEGO Star Wars Minifigures Senate CommandosNow Showing
These Senate Commandos are appearing in set 8128, Cad Bane's Speeder. There's the regular, rank and file Commando and the Commando Captain who is making a LEGO debut with this set.

Minifigure Parts and Accessories
The regular Commando appears unchanged from the variant that appeared in set 8039, Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser. The breakdown of parts can be found here.

The Commando Captain features the same parts; however, there are additional markings on the torso and helmet to signify his rank. The reference photo seen here is of Senate Captain Jayfon. Note that his full armor features more markings on the arms, legs, and crest. Nevertheless, the spirit of the original is captured in this fig.

The accessories with these figures are the long blaster rifles (part 57899)

Star Wars Clone Wars Senate Commando Captain Jayfon ReferenceArmy Building Potential
The ABP for this figure is high. Like Clone and Stormtroopers a squad of commandos would be nothing short of cool. Given that the price point for this set is lower than the Venator, and you get two Commandos in this set, the potential to grow your units is stronger.

Big Draw
A rare minifigure and a brand new variant with detailed print. What's not to like?

(Pictures via Target.com, Eurobricks, and Wookiepedia)


Commander Tac's Goblin Hardsuit

Luke Lyons (AKA Commander Tac) wows with this great goblin hardsuit made up mostly of Space Police III items. The Slizer and Snake helmets really caught my eye. The ammo belt of binoculars and BrickArms clips is nice too.