Zaras: The Forged Angel

I've been reading the graphic novel Final Crisis written by genius and madman Grant Morrison. In the chapter titled "To Be Continued", the theme of balance between the Ultimate Good and Ultimate Evil is explored.

Morgan190 Zaras The Forged AngelMeet Zaras the equal number to Xaelus. Morgan uses a combination of parts from Space Police to Prince of Persia to the vending machine toys down the street. Let's start our tour from the top!

The head is a combination of a Space Police III Skull Twin helmet (part 85945) overlaid a hood ornament (part bb462) from the new Lunar Limo set.

The torso is from Nizam (pop010) from PoP, albeit with a quick arm and hand change.

The shoulder pads (part 88295) were owned by a little old Hassansin who only wore them to church on Sundays. The Dagger of Time is his weapon of choice. Finally only the most fashionable of fallen angels would be seen in this season's claw slippers (part 88811).


  1. The hands and legs are C-3PO's, just to add more to the list. ;)

  2. ...and the hands and legs are C-3PO's.