When Worlds Collide

Have you ever heard about people playing chess via mail or other correspondence? The LEGO AFOL version of this idea is currently playing out on Legohaulic's and Nannan's Flickr streams.

A poem of unknown authorship is playing out in a series of alternating vignettes. The poem so far is as follows:

Somewhere on a desolate planet / amidst the cold beat of machines / I must strive to live / I must strive to give / It's everyone for himself in this crowd / In solitude I serve the masses / Survival / Sacrifice / At last / Finally / We meet at the threshold / where two worlds collide...

The ball is currently in Legohaulic's court now. Might this play out on the eve of Brickworld Chicago?

(Via Legohaulic's and Nannan Z's Flickr streams)

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