Tigerggyy Patrols the Manchu-Russian Border

Tigerggy is back with a new brick comic focused on the Manchu-Russian border skirmishes. According to the all knowing Oracle (aka Wikipedia):

The Russian-Manchu border conflicts (1643-1689) were a series of intermittent skirmishes between the Manchus and the Cossacks in which the Cossacks tried and failed to gain the land north of the Amur River. The hostilities culminated in the Manchu siege of the Cossack fort of Albazin (1686) and resulted in the Treaty of Nerchinsk, concluded between the Russia and the Qing Empire in 1689.

The main character in this composition is armed with a cross dragon spear and round-style fighting shield form BrickTW. The Ching Dynasty armor and helm are also from this custom house.

(Via 樂高漫畫黨 lego comics's Photos - 漫畫測試)

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