The Stormtrooper as a Blank Canvas

A couple of days ago we mentioned the Star Wars Base Contest being sponsored by Clone Army Customs. At the time I didn't talk much about CAC...let's fix that now.

Clone Army Customs BannerI would say CAC has taken the LEGO Stormtrooper to a new level. At last count they have over 200 different variations of the troopers, all custom crafted. You wouldn't think there would be that many ways to pimp a fig, but they do it.

Here's the story of CAC from Tyler (Halliwell) himself:

"Hello, my name is Tyler and I've been hand customizing LEGO figures for about 4 years now. I am 22 years old and this is my hobby, meaning that this is not an in stock warehouse ready for shipment and I apologize if you thought otherwise. I started making figures for my stop motion films but when I saw all the different kinds of troopers I just had to make them all."

Now Tyler hasn't cornered the market on Stormtrooper customization. There's another customizer, MinifigMaker, who's also pimpin out the clones. As you can see on their Flickr stream, MM doesn't just work with troopers, but when they do the results are quite nice. I like how they explore different specializations like scuba, assassin, and jet troopers. They also play with the helmet shapes, keeping them familiar but different all the same.

The whole idea reminds me of the vinyl Munny figures, blank figures that can be painted and customized in a variety of ways. Just imagine doing it at a fraction of the scale.

(Via Clone Army Customs and MinifigMaker)

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  1. I guess they are high quality but they tend to run a little high in price, even if they look cool.