Store and Site Updates: 6/10/10

Greeting and salutations citizens of Minifig Nation! I have a few updates regarding the BrickLink store and here at the site.

I've recently parted out three copies of set 852922, LEGO Kingdoms Dragon Battle Pack. A great opportunity to score one of the new great helms and minifig breast plates without breaking the bank.

I've also recently come into a few Star Wars minifigures, Darth Vader and Imperial Troops from the Hoth Battle Packs. All figures come with accessories.

You can check out both sets of items on my BrickLink store.

Starting Friday, I will be traveling on a diplomatic mission outside of the Minifig Nation (aka I'll be taking a holiday with the family). I'm leaving Cygnetron 3000 in charge. Cygnetron has a few items in the queue for this weekend, so check in periodically. If I don't respond to inquiries immediately, you'll know why.

One last question...are any of our readers going to Brickworld 2010: Bricks In Space in Chicago this year? The AFOL event starts June 17th and runs through the 20th. If so, would someone like to be an unofficial correspondent for "The Duck"? I would be looking for someone who's planning on going as a registered attendee and not just on the public exposition day. There would be no large commitment on your part, I would just be looking for pictures and stories from the event related to minifigures. If you fit this description and are interested, just contact me at 'uglyduck.bricklink@gmail.com' . We can workout the details then. There might even be some 'swag' in it for you!

Have a great weekend!

Minister of Information, Minifig Nation

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