New Magnet Sets Appearing at LEGO Stores

LEGO Star Wars Kit Fisto Barris Offee Captain Jag Magnet SetThere are two new magnet sets scheduled for release. The first is a Star Wars number featuring Kit Fisto, Barris Offee, and Captain Jag. Barriss Offee has been a hot item on the secondary market. The average BrickLink price for the month of May was around $16 USD, only appearing in the limited edition set 8091, Republic Swamp Speeder. This will be a great opportunity to score three SW figs that have only been available in pricier sets.

LEGO Female Magnet Set 852948The second magnet set is currently showing up in LEGO stores in Europe. Magnet set 852948 is a collection of female minifigures from Agents, Pirates, and City/Town. The figures are specifically Dyna-Mite (agt024), Pirate Woman (pi101), and a City/Town figure that may be new.

It would seem that LEGO is making an effort to produce more female minifigures. In Jonathan Bender's book, LEGO A Love Story, he throws out that there's only 1 female minifigure for every 18 male ones. Upcoming sets like Harry Potter look like they are trying to narrow the gap.

(Via Toys N Bricks and Brickset)

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