Morgan Calls Forth The Warden and Scavenger

Morgan's WardenMorgan is back with two new pieces of custom goodness. The first piece is titled The Warden and combines Star Wars elements with a skull head used largely in the 2009 fantasy Castle sets. In addition to Photoshop'd backgrounds, Morgan's compositions are often accompanied by a snipped of poetry or passage from a book. Here's the quote for The Warden by Jeff Pherson:

"I'm sitting here, white all around. This room is quiet, there is no sound."

Morgan's ScavengerThe second creation is titled Toemhin Atan, Borderlands Scavenger. There's a lot going on here with elements from Star Wars, Kingdoms, and the Collectible Minifigure Skater. The real focus, however, is the use of the new heads from the Jawson, Space Police III figure (sp113). This time we have lyrics from the group Steelwing:

"From ancient times we came, moving silently, killing for the game. Oh, you will fear me.

Are you the hunter, are you the prey? If you don't strike first it will be your last mistake...There's nowhere you can run to."

(Via Morgan190's Flickr stream)

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