Looking To Trade Collectible Minifigures

Last week I was fortunate enough to place an order during the brief window of time where LEGO Shop at Home lifted the limits on Collectible Minifigures. Despite ordering 60 mystery bags; however, I was three figures shy of one set and four shy of completing another.

I am currently missing The Cheerleader (x2), The Skater (x2), The Cowboy (x2), and The Ninja.

Given that it's difficult to find a BrickLink vendor who has all of these figures (at reasonable prices) I'm considering trading for the missing figs.

Ideally I would be willing to trade for The Cheerleader, The Skater, and The Cowboy; thus, bringing me up to one full set. I would have the second partial set and my current BrickLink inventory to negotiate with.

Sounds easy right? Well...despite the saying about "choosy beggars", I have a couple of restrictions:
  • I'm looking to trade full minifigures with accessories and stand.
  • My minifigures are out of the package, but I would be willing to take open or sealed bags.
  • You must be a registered buyer/seller on BrickLink with a feedback rating of 10 or more and no neutral or negative feedback.
  • Just as I would be responsible for shipping costs to you, the same would be true on your end.
If you are interested, drop me a line via BrickLink (cygnet) or e-mail me at 'uglyduck.bricklink@gmail.com'. Please let me know what figures you are looking for in your message. I'll be taking submissions until next Thursday, July 1st (12:01 am EST). I'll then drop you a line if we have a deal, and work out the details. Please, don't send me anything until we've talked and I've agreed to the trade.

Thanks in advance!

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