The Life Aquatic with Clumsy Pete

The first time I had heard about these serialized vignettes by Bart De Dobbeaer titled The Life Aquatic with Clumsy Pete, was when Brickspace announced they had reached their 1ooth and final episode. Running for over five months now, the vignettes recounted the humorous adventures of Pete and and an intrepid group of undersea explorers. The 99th vignette didn't place Pete in the best of situations. Perhaps Bart will return someday to continue the story.

The vignette shown here is number 100 and features nearly all of the cast and crew. I would recommend popping a bag of corn, set Bart's Flickr stream to slide show, and be prepared to laugh. Here's hoping we'll hear back from Bart (and Pete) in the not to distant future.

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