LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle Minfigs

LEGO Star Wars set 10212 Imperial Shuttle Minifigures
By now you've likely seen the pictures from Gizmodo or Brickworld showing the new LEGO Star Wars set 10212, Imperial Shuttle, due out in September. The shuttle itself is quite drool worthy, but what about the five minifigs that come with it?

I think most of the production effort went into the set, sadly to say. Most of the figures are reissues of existing offerings.

Jedi Luke is largely the same fig that came with set 10188, Death Star. White pupils have been added to the face print, but that's it.

Darth Vader also appears to be the same as the figure that came with the Death Star set and 8017, Darth Vader's TIE Fighter. We don't have pics of this Vader sans helmet, but I wouldn't expect much new under the hood.

The Stormtrooper shown is a bit of a mystery. Most of the new Stormtroopers have the dotted mouth pattern printed on the helmet. The variant shown here does not and better resembles sw109a (minus pauldron) which came with set 7659, Imperial Landing Craft.

The Imperial Commander appears to be an updated version of sw114. The torso print of the uniform appears to be more basic. The head print has been updated, featuring a new, but basic, expression.

The Imperial Pilot is the most unique of the lot. He is most similar to sw208; however, the torso print varies in small ways. The facial print is new, but the cavalry cap (part 30135) has appeared in black previously.

Overall assessment? There's not too much to get excited about here. Some updates? Sure. This still doesn't place these figures in a more affordable range given the price point of 10212. If you are going to buy this set, do it for the shuttle, not for the figs.

(Picture via The Brothers Brick)

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