LEGO Space Magnet Promotion

I received the Summer 2010 LEGO catalog this past weekend, and there were a couple of notable items.

The first involves the gentleman on the right. If you spend $75 on Shop at Home, LEGO Stores, or through the catalog, you get this spaceman magnet for free. As with other magnet sets, the figure can be removed from the magnetized base.

Now, and this is important, if you are ordering online you must enter the code "USSM" at check-out. In the past the promo items have been automatically been added to your order once conditions have been met. I talked to one of the customer service representatives on Saturday who said that you might not be able to use other coupon codes, like Brickmaster, and the promotion code, so be aware.

The second item of note is that the new Star Wars magnet set featuring Kit Fisto, Bariss Offee, and Captain Jag should be available soon. As of this morning it is listed as 'sold out' online, but the catalog says, "Order now! Available to ship July 1st." Another call to LEGO customer service and they say it isn't sold out yet, it just hasn't been activated.

Finally, the set 10213, Shuttle Adventure, is now up for sale. Also set 10212, Imperial Shuttle, is on line and listing availability on September 1st! Perhaps that's when we can expect the rest of the Star Wars Summer sets too!

(Via LEGO.com)

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