LEGO Harry Potter Minifigures: Madame Hooch

LEGO Harry Potter Madame HoochNow Showing
Flying teacher and Quidditch games master, Madame Hooch, is making her return to the LEGO universe in set 4737, Quidditch Match. This figure is largely an updated version of figure hp021.

Minifigure Parts and Accessories
 Rolanda Hooch is composed of five parts: hair, face, torso, legs, and cape.

If the hair looks familiar, it's because it's been featured on Count Dooku from Star Wars (part 64798).

Madame Hooch Reference PhotoThe head is a new print and the first flesh-colored variant for Ms. Hooch. If you compare this to the reference photo below, you'll see the similarities. The head is also dual-sided showing Ms. Hooch with golden eyes.

The torso also features a new and updated print from the previous figure, while the legs are standard and black.

The cape also appears to be a standard cape in basic black, a change from the previous variant.

Pictures of this set show a broom (part 4332) as the accessory for Hooch.

Army Building Potential
The APB for this figure is "low"; not likely to be sought after in multiples for the entire figure or for individual parts.

Big Draw
Aside from its appeal to Harry Potter collectors, there's not much of a draw here.

(Pictures via Eurobricks and Harry Potter Wiki)

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