LEGO Harry Potter Minifigures: Draco Malfoy

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This latest rendition of Draco Malfoy is exclusive to set 4841, The Hogwarts Express.

Minifigure Parts and Accessories
Draco is a simple fig comprised of four parts: hairpiece, head, torso, and legs.

The hairpiece, appears to be a new style with widow's peak and swept back hair.

The head shown here is actually a misprint. The actual head used for Draco is dual sided with a smirk on one side and a worried expression on the other. There's not a great photographic reference provided, as of yet, but you can see an image here.

The torso is very similar to the new Gryffindor school uniform but with the tie pattern in Slytherin colors and the field of arms on the lower left-hand side.

The legs are basic black, but have not appeared with this combination of torso previously. This change was likely to add some variety, as similar figures in the past have appeared with grey pants which matched the sweater color.

Draco comes with a dark grey 4L bar (part 30374) standing in for his wand.

Army Building Potential

There's very little on this figure that likely to be sought after in multiples, the ABP for this figure is low to moderate. Some builders may seek out the new Slytherin sweater for MOCs that might feature more than the main cast of characters. This is the only figure that features this torso print.

Big Draw

Aside from an opportunity to get a minifigure Draco if you missed out on early sets, the sweater print appears to be the potential draw here. The new hair piece may also be sought after for custom designs.

(Pictures via Eurobricks and Harry Potter Wiki)


  1. That's Ron's head, not Malfoy's. It is just a mistake in early pictures but Lego have recently corrected it.

  2. Thanks! I've updated the notes to reflect this. I was unable to find a good photographic reference, but was able to confirm this through a product review on Eurobricks, which I've linked to.