LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 2: The Skier

The Skier is exclusive to set 8684, The Collectible Minifigure Series 2.

Minifigure Parts and Accessories

The Skier is composed of four main parts: hat, head, torso, and legs.

The hat is a new version of the knit cap (part 41334) in what appears to be "medium blue". This variant appears to cover the minifigure head more around the ears (if minifigs had ears) and the band appears to be wider. This would be a new part for the LEGO universe.

The head features transparent orange print for sports glasses and a simple smirk. This is a new print for minifigure heads.

The torso and arms are also medium blue with red hands. The torso print features a zipper and numbered over shirt. It is not known what the significance of 211 happens to be (possible Easter egg or inside joke). Set 211, Mother and Baby with Dog, was released in 1976 and featured some of the first minifigures, but I don't believe it was the first set to feature them.

The legs and hip assembly may both be medium blue, but the hip assembly appears to be a different color in some pictures (light blue?). Regardless, the legs have horizontal racing stripes printed in a lighter blue color on the front. The print does not extend to the sides or back of the legs.

The accessories that come with this figure are a pair of ski poles and skis. Both the poles and skis are a new design, not previously available. The ski poles and skis fit together so that they can snugly fit in the hands of the figure. Each package comes with three ski poles.

Detailed pictures of all parts and accessories can be found here.

Army Building Potential

The ABP for the figure itself is moderate. The skiing equipment would be the main draw here. The new knit cap may also be of interest, but winter scene builders will want to populate their MOC slopes with several skiers.

Feeling It Out

Although it could be difficult due to their size, you could try and feel for the skis and/or poles through the bag.

Bar Codes

The following are the secondary bar codes that can be found on the back of each bag which indicates the figure inside. The EU bar codes are shown on the left and the US bar codes are shown on the right. These bar codes come courtesy of Grogall. You can find a single pdf containing all bar codes here.

Official LEGO.com Bio

“I’m going to make it this time!”

The enthusiastic Skier is constantly plunging off cliffs, crashing into trees, and performing accidental loop-the-loops through the air. He can’t help tackling any new downhill challenge that he comes across, even if his attempts don’t always end so well!

What everybody likes about the Skier is that he never, ever gives up. No matter how many times his skiing feats end in wild disaster, he always climbs right back up the mountain, straps on his skis, and tries his luck one more time. After all, the fifteenth time might just be the charm!

The Big Draw

The skiing equipment and knit cap are the big draws here as they have not been available previously.

(Pictures via Brandora.de and dita_svelte's Flickr stream)

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