LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 2: The Explorer

LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 2 The AdventurerThe Explorer is exclusive to set 8684, The Collectible Minifigure Series 2.

Minifigure Parts and Accessories

The Explorer is composed of four main parts: pith helmet, head, torso, and legs.

The pith helmet appears to be a reissue of part x133, not seen in white since the days of the Adventurer sets (1999). The hat has been available in dark bley and dark tan as part of the Dr. Henry Jones Sr. minifigure (iaj002 and iaj030) from LEGO Indiana Jones.

The head print is new featuring a gray mustache and monocle combination.

The torso print is most similar to those featured on several Indiana Jones minifigures, but is unique in that it features an ascot and a canteen on a cross strap. The torso and arms are tan with yellow hands.

The legs and hip assembly are also tan with a yellow band around the legs to simulate shorts and boots. There are also cargo pockets printed on each leg.

The accessories for this fig are light bley binoculars (part 30162) and a magnifying lens (part 30152c01). The binoculars have been largely available in more recent sets, but the lens has not been available for some time, especially with a black frame and trans clear lens.

Detailed pictures of all parts and accessories can be seen here.

Army Building Potential

The ABP for the figure is low to moderate. I could see the main figure being sought after for custom desert soliders, but similar elements have been available as part of the Indiana Jones sets.

Feeling It Out

Although there was some debate on the effectiveness of this technique, I would be looking for both the pith helmet and/or the magnifying lens.

Bar Codes

The following are the secondary bar codes that can be found on the back of each bag which indicates the figure inside. The EU bar codes are shown on the left and the US bar codes are shown on the right. These bar codes come courtesy of Grogall. You can find a single pdf containing all bar codes here.

Official LEGO.com Bio

“By Jove, I do believe I’ve found something new!”

The Explorer travels all over the world in search of new places, animals and plants to discover and study. The more exotic and difficult something is to find, the better as far as he’s concerned!

Whenever he finds something unusual, he makes sure to draw it and write it down in his explorer’s journal, which he’s secretly hoping to turn into a best-selling book some day. The world is just full of exciting new surprises when you’re an Explorer!

The Big Draw

This is a hard one to nail down. Many of the parts have not been available in these colors for some time; however, much of it is widely available at affordable prices on BrickLink. This figure may largely be sought after to complete a Series 2 collection.

(Pictures via Brandora.de and dita_svelte's Flickr stream)

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