LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 2: The Karate Master

The Karate Master is exclusive to set 8684, The Collectible Minifigure Series 2.

Minifigure Parts and Accessories
The Karate Master is composed of four main parts: hair piece, head, torso, and legs.

The hair piece has been available previously (part 64798) but not in the black color which is new.

As with many of the collectible minifigures the head print is new.

The torso features a new gi print with  two intertwined snakes on the left-hand side and a belt that extends down to the white hips and legs.

The accessory for this figure is a gold trophy in the shape of a minifigure. Each package contains two trophies. I've seen several AFOLs very excited by the potential this part has in the Star Wars universe to represent holographic images of characters if made in transparent colors. It is likely that the base of the trophy will be able to fit a standard LEGO stud.

Detailed pictures of all parts and accessories can be seen here.

Army Building Potential
The army building potential for the figure is moderate. Changes to the head and hair styles can quickly net you an entire dojo of kareteka.

Feeling It Out
The trophy would be the item to feel for, but it may be easily confused with other parts of similar sizes.

Bar Codes
The following are the secondary bar codes that can be found on the back of each bag which indicates the figure inside. The EU bar codes are shown on the left and the US bar codes are shown on the right. These bar codes come courtesy of Grogall. You can find a single pdf containing all bar codes here.

Official LEGO.com Bio
“Whatever it is, I can chop it in half!”

The Karate Master is ready to take on any challenge. His martial arts training is the most important thing to him, and even though he’s already a master, he’s always practicing more to make himself even better.

Since he earned his black belt, the Karate Master has devoted his efforts to teaching others to reach their own maximum skill levels – not just at karate, but at everything else that interests them, too. With so many trophies on his shelves, it’s no wonder everyone wants to learn from him!

The Big Draw
The hair piece, now in black, and the new trophy part are the attractive items here. The torso and pants printed gi could also be sought after, but second to these other items.

(Pictures via Brandora.de and dita_svelte's Flickr stream)

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