JasBrick's Wolfenstein Paratrooper

JasBrick's Wolfenstein ParatrooperI really debated on if I should blog this custom design from JasBrick due to the sensitive nature of subject.

Yes, Indiana Jones technically fights Nazis in official LEGO sets, but you don't see swastikas all over those figures or models. I also don't feel comfortable editing the work to hide icons that some may not be comfortable with.

At the end of the day, when your realize that Jas is only recreating a character from a video game, and not celebrating the regime the solider represents, then I feel we can enjoy the skill that went into this figure's creation.

I really want to draw attention to the hand painted eagle on the soldier's helmet. Photography always hides the actual scale of minifigures. Imagine yourself painting this detail on the helmet of a toy solider minifig from Toy Story and I think you will be amazed. The helmet and backpack come courtesy of Amazing Armory.

(Via JasBrick's Flickr stream)

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  1. Thank you for covering this fig in such a responsible way. As is right no one should use this symbol lightly and it only after a careful amount of consideration that I did so.

    I really appreciate the fact that you are blogging my figs in such a great blog... thanks!