Hazel Reborn?!

Have you ever had that feeling that you were the only one who didn't know what was going on? No?! Oh...me neither.

Hazel appears to be rising from the ashes on Flickr, practically rebuilding his entire photostream overnight. The new logo, featured above leads the charge that started on Sunday. I originally thought that he was posting a bevy of new products, but there are some older images reappearing as well.

To add to they mystery, the Amazing Armory website appears to have gone "poof"! Their BrickLink store, however, remains.

Hop on over to Hazel's stream and see if you can help me solve this mystery!

(Via Hazel's Flickr stream)

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  1. I happened to be browsing Hazel's stream a few weeks ago and noticed a text/image that popped up there for a few minutes before disappearing just as quickly– it seemed like it was a "oops, wasn't supposed to be live" mistake.

    I won't go into details in case he is waiting to elaborate on what it said, but I will comment that it seemed to be a fairly game-changing message for Hazel and AA, if what was written was indeed true.