EclipseGrafx is Working It Out

EclipseGrafx Working Out VignetteEclipseGrafx is workin' it out with this custom vignette which is a mix of Prince of Persia's Dastan (hair, head, and torso) and a couple of arch bricks (part 6005) capped off with a 1x2 tile (part 3069) to represent bent legs.

Wondering where the dumb bells came from?

"I gave my son the skater from the minifig collectibles last night and when he went for the wheels he asked me if they were for working out... hence the birth of the work out dude here."

Grab a mix of the skate wheels and the new bar bell forthcoming with the Series 2 Weightlifter, and you have a strong start toward that gym vignette you've been dying to build.

(Via EclipseGrafx Flickr stream)

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