Contest Round-Up: 6/16/10

There's a whole slew of new contests out there; past, present and future.

The first item to announce that the Eurobricks/Classic-Town Collectible Minifigure Contest is now over. The three winning vignettes featured (or didn't feature, as the case may be) the Demolition Dummy, the Clown, and the Skater. The winners received their pick from one of White Fang's complete sets. Congrats to Redcross, Noodles140, and Fugazi!

A new contest has come online at Eurobricks in the historical themes forum: Redcoats vs. Bluecoats. Run in conjunction with Classic-Pirates.com, the rules can be found here. The objective is to create a 10 panel brick comic that humiliates the opposing side in the most fiendish way. The prizes include a whole host of LEGO Pirates swag!

You still have until June 30th to enter your vignette into the Star Wars Epic Scenes Contest also at Eurobricks.

There are a few other contests happening outside of EB (I promise).

Clone Army Customs is sponsoring the third annual Star Wars Base Contest. You can check out the details in the YouTube clip below. Who is Clone Army Customs, you say?! Patience padawan, patience...

Hazel recently posted this image appearing to announce a Killzone Custom Minifig Contest. Details are sketchy right now, but it looks like a sliver chrome Killzone custom minifigure is up for grabs. Once details are available, expect to see them on the Killzone Custom Minifig Group on Flickr.

Hazel Killzone Custom Minifigure Contest
Finally, Toys N Bricks is hosting two contests centered around the Series 1 Collectible Minifigures. The first relates to being the top contributor in their forums for the month of June (Oops, a little late in blogging that one!) The winner receives one Ninja for their efforts.

The second contest relates to building a robot vignette to win, what else, a Series 1 Robot minifigure.

Details on both Toys N Bricks contests can be found here.

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