Collectible Minifigures on BrickLink: June 2010

As we are entering into the second full month of sales of the Collectible Minifigures Series 1 on BrickLink, some interesting details are emerging.

The first question that I'm sure everyone is asking is which figure is the most popular? Using units sold as an indicator, The Cheerleader (944 units) and The Zombie (902 units) have sold the most. Adhering to the laws of supply and demand, these two figures also have the largest average price paid; $4.44 for the Zombie and $4.40 for the Cheerleader.

I don't expect prices to fall much further than they are currently. LEGO claims to have stopped production, so distribution has likely plateaued. Most secondary resellers have likely placed their inventory as well. As quantities diminish prices are likely to start creeping back up again.

The minifigures in order of popularity are as follows: Cheerleader (944), Zombie (902), Robot (831), Ninja (770), Clown (692), Forestman(664), Dummy (649), Caveman (642), Nurse (576), Cowboy (574), Spaceman (573), Skater (565), Wrestler (561), Magician (555), Tribal Hunter (529), and Diver (445).

The biggest surprise for me is how well the Ninja is selling. A common figure (5 per case), The Ninja had a fair Army Building Potential but didn't appear to show strong potential in online polls. It just goes to show you should never count a ninja as down or out.

The "dud" of the series seems to be the Deep Sea Diver. The lowest number sold to date (445) the most inventory in stock (816 units for sale) and the lowest average going price ($2.40). Expect to see a lot of these 'floating' around BrickLink for some time.

I will have to say, that although the prices seem high, BrickLink is probably your best bet to obtain figures in the secondary market. If the prices I've seen on other sites, especially eBay , are any indication, then it would be worthwhile to open an account today.

(Info via BrickLink catalog)

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