Aquaman Versus British Petroleum

Graznodor2 has posted this vignette on Flickr depicting Aquaman and his "sea friends" attempting to stop the gusher in the gulf.

I love how humor and LEGO can come together to shed light (and make light) of an unfortunate situation. If you look at the other pictures on Flickr you'll see all of the figures who are trapped in the flow including Spongebob, a mermaid, Atlantis and Aquazone divers, and a whole school of fish.

Although they didn't come out and say it, I believe this may be an entry in the Eurobrick's Collectible Minifigure vignette contest. The missing collectible figure, in this case, would be The Deep Sea Diver.

(Via graznador2's Flickr stream)

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  1. Cool. Too bad we can't get all these guys out there to really work on it.