Sound Off on Collectible Minifigures

CopMike, LEGO Ambassador and Eurobricks member, is having an open call for collectible minifigure ideas.

Hi all!

After the 1st & 2nd wave of collectable minifigs, TLG has filled gaps (and then some) in the variety of minifigs. But I like to here what you still think is missing!

Please post them here and make them detailed like this:
Occupation/print on torso:
Type of headgear:
Type of facial expression:
Color on torso/legs:

This is not an offical request through the Ambassador program, I just want to get the feel for what we´re missing and possible send a list to TLG!

If you are a Eurobricks member, submit an idea. You never know, if LEGO listens, then it might debut in up coming series.

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